Mythic Skitra Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2020

Prophet Skitra

  • The Clouded and Twisted Mind debuffs, which are only active during the Intermission on Normal and Heroic, now both go out on the pull and last all fight
    • Shred Psyche adds can only be seen by players affected by one debuffs
    • Images of Absolution walls are also affected by this, so any individual player can only see half the wall.


We recommend going in with 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 14 DPS. Do NOT use Bloodlust on pull.

  • Primary Phase
    • Functionally, very little changes from Heroic to Mythic
    • Place a raid marker ~8 yards away from where the boss is being tanked
      • This is the drop point for Shred Psyche
      • When the add comes out, wait 5s for its initial cast, then all players who can see it need to nuke ASAP
      • The tanks should still drag the boss on top of the add, even if they can’t see it. This’ll allow for some amount of cleave from the players targeting the add
    • For Images of Absolution, assign 3-4 people to focus on CC’ing an add to create an open space. Always ensure you have at least 1 person with each debuff
      • Mass Entanglement is OP for this. Druids should be running this talent.
  • Intermission Phase
    • Finding the correct Image as quickly as possible is much more important in Mythic. The stacking Shadow Taken increase debuff will come back to wreck you later on
    • On the 3rd and 4th Phase 2s, healers will want to rotate CDs, as the raid will be getting high on stacks
    • Use Bloodlust immediately after identifying the “real” Skitra during the 4th Phase 2. This’ll push you out of the phase as quickly as possible and prevent deaths
  • And that’s really it. Execute the fight like it’s Heroic, but with a little more added coordination. GGs!