Mythic Tarragrue Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 14, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Remnant of Forgotten Chains
    • This now creates 2 soak circles per occurrence, meaning double the amount of negative effects coming out
    • The individual debuffs from soaking are also now permanent
    • On PTR, this was cast at 0:50, then every 30 seconds for the duration of Phase 1
    • You can reasonably expect 5-6 casts of this, before you push the start of Phase 2
    • As such, you’ll be looking at 50-60 debuffs to spread across the 20 person raid
  • Unstable Form
    • This is one of the Anima Powers you’re able to obtain for this fight
    • It’ll periodically remove 1 stack of a debuff on you
    • Since the debuffs from soaking are permanent, this effect is extremely powerful because it’ll remove stacks over time


  • Lust on pull
  • Basically everything gets handled like you did on heroic, except the Remnants of Forgotten Chains
    • You’ll want to at least partially plan out soaks
    • Have your tanks as first priority to soak Soulforge Heat, as they’ll already be taking large amounts of damage
    • You’ll likely want someone to help the tanks soak later on, and don’t really want them getting more than 10 stacks of Soulforge Heat
  • Have 2-3 people take the Unstable Form Anima Power, including a tank or 2 if possible
    • Then, prioritize these people as your soakers for the rest of the circles
    • Outside those people, have the rest of the raid help as much as possible. Cap stacks any one non-tank player has at 5
  • Make sure to have players with the Ever-Beating Heart soak the chain, just like heroic
  • Dodge bad things, spread for the fear, and do the Mist dance
  • Once the boss reaches 10% HP and casts Jailer’s Gaze, your tanks should kite like mad – stay away as long as possible and blow all available CDs when the boss gets close. The longer the boss is chasing tanks, the longer full DPS uptime your raid has