Mythic The Nine Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 17, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Fragments of Destiny now occurs the entire fight, instead of just phase 2
    • Also, 4 debuffs go out each time instead of 3
  • Phase 2 starts at 20% HP on one of the first bosses, instead of 15% in heroic
  • Skyja’s Word of Recall will now also call Kyra or Signe, making whichever is called use their 100 energy ability, meaning Wings of Rage (the suck + explode), and Reverberating Refrain (the push + explode)
    • These alternate each Word of Recall
    • Occurs every 37 seconds
    • Kyra first, then Signe, then Kyra, etc
  • Failing a Wings of Rage or Reverberating Refrain will 1 shot you
  • All the regular Val’kyr abilities are amped up. Failing any is just bad news bears and likely results in your death, or a wipe.
    • Meteor should go to melee, don’t ever miss a soak circle, don’t ever get hit by someone elses circles, don’t get hit by a line, move the boss out of the shield
  • After Skyja lands, she’ll cast Resentment on the raid about every 24 seconds. This has 12 seconds of uptime, and ticks hard as hell
    • This makes up the vast majority of damage in the fight, and you’ll be ticking down half the time Skyja is in the fight


  • We recommend 2 tanks, 5 healers, and 13 DPS
  • Use Bloodlust either on pull, or as soon as Skyja lands. Both are viable, do whatever works best for your guild
  • Nothing really changes in stage 1 from heroic, outside the fragments of destiny
    • To handle these, we recommend having all 4 affected players run to the edge of the room together
    • Your raid leader should pick 1 person who’ll be the final player with debuffs, meaning the person the puddle drops from
    • Dispel the other 3 players one at a time, ensuring the debuff jumps on someone who still has stacks, ideally onto the assigned person
    • Take it slow, make sure to end with all 4 stacks on one person
    • Your raid leader, or the healing officer, should really be in charge of callouts for this. Who’s dispelling who, when. Don’t just yolo it, or you risk wasting time with extra jumps from the debuff

  • Once Skyja lands, blow up Kyra and Signe as quickly as you possibly can
  • As you kill off Skyja, you’ll go through a lot of different combos of the Val’kyr abilities. Some overlaps are far more dangerous than others
    • There are some overlaps that are very dangerous, so we wanted to touch on them
  • Bad overlap (2:35) – Big Bombs & Shield
    • While in a vacuum, having a couple people with giant purple circles running away, at the same time the raid has to move for the shield, isn’t too big a deal

  • However, you can get this Word of Recalled, replicating it. This means moving away from a second shield, with more giant bombs to run away from, all while the raid is ticking down from Resentment. That much movement = bad time. Blow a healer throughput CD when this happens to help keep the raid stable
  • Bad Overlap (5:00)
    • Soak circles + small bombs + Meteor
    • This is just dangerous as hell. You’ll have the 4 soak circles, the small bombs, and the meteor
    • Just sacrifice the Meteor target tbh, you didn’t need them anyway
      • If you’re lucky, this target will be an immunity class and they can pop that
      • If you WANT to try and deal with this meteor, it’s spicy. 6 people get small circles, plus 4 small soaks, means only 10 people are left to help soak including the target. Bring the meteor to melee, and everyone who is left to help, collapse and help
      • Or, to reiterate, sacrifice the person and brez them if you need them
      • In the gif below, we got lucky and the meteor was on a pally, who bubbled. We would have sacrificed them otherwise.

  • Because of Resentment, once Skyja has landed, the raid damage stays pretty damn high. Any time heavy movement is required, and the healers start to fall behind, don’t be afraid to pop a CD
    • The Kyra or Signe Word of Recalls are great times to prioritize healer CDs for, as the whole raid has to move for several seconds during these, meaning healers can’t fully plant their feet
  • Don’t stand in bad, nuke boss, collect loot, then cry because the next bosses are a huge step up from the first 3
  • Below, we’ve typed out the timeline of all Val’kyr abilities. Your timings may differ a bit, this is based on our first kill. Skyja lands at 1:20, and we documented everything after that point

Valkyr Timeline

Boss 3 landing = 1:20

  1. Lines & meteor – 0:22
    1. Small bombs – 0:33
  2. Small soaks 2:05
    1. Big Circles + shield – 2:10
    2. Word of Recall 2:35
      1. Big circles + shield + small soaks
      2. Old shield still up during this
  3. Kyra wings of rage – 2:50
  4. Lines & meteor – 3:20
    1. Signe – 3:34
  5. Recall – 3:45 – lines, meteor
  6. Kyra – 4:07
  7. Soaks – 4:33
    1. Small bombs 4:40
    2. Meteor + Signe – 4:45
  8. Word of recall – soaks + small bombs + meteor – 5:00
  9. Kyra – 5:23
  10. Big bombs – 5:45
    1. Small bombs – 5:52
    2. Shield & Signe – 6:00
  11. Word of Recall – big bombs, small bombs, shield – 6:13