Mythic Vexiona Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / February 13, 2020

  • The void pools dropped by Encroaching Shadows now give stacks of void corruption in addition to damage
  • Despair’s secondary explosion now deals 120% of tank’s missing HP, up from 90%
  • New add from the Gateway – Iron-Willed Enforcer
    • This add is immune to all CC
    • It regularly casts No Escape, pulling 3 far away players into melee range and casting Brutal Smash
      • Deals 980k Physical and stuns players that are hit
  • In Phase 3, a Shadow of Vexiona appears
    • This Shadow will cast Twilight Decimator, the Phase 2 flyover mechanic
  • Desolation now applies 60 stacks of Void Corruption total, up from 30. These are still split between everyone hit


We recommend a comp of 2-3 tanks, 4 healers, and 13-14 DPS. Both tank comp strategies are viable and will be discussed below. Regardless of which tank comp you run, it doesn’t really come into play until Phase 3.

  • Phase 1
    • This actually remains largely the same as Heroic. The new add does not materially change the overall strategy
    • The tank who’s in charge of picking up adds should prioritize getting the Void Ascendant’s Annihilation lazer beam to blast the rest of the adds. This’ll deal massive damage to them, and make killing them much faster and easier
      • This is also the primary goal of using the orbs that drop from Ascendants when they die. You want to maximize the damage the tank can do with the orb on the rest of the adds
      • The rest of the raid needs to be careful to not get hit by the laer
    • You’ll want to time killing the Void Ascendant add right before you enter a Phase 2
      • The Boss tank, who’ll have Void COrruption stacks, should pick up the orb when the P2 adds spawn, and use the Annihilation beam to blow up the adds
    • When the adds are out, if you get pulled in by the Iron-Willed Enforcer, just make sure to move back out of the circle so you don’t die
    • Adds spawn at 0:36, 1:11, 2:20, 2:56, 3:28, 4:32, 5:10
      • An Iron-Willed Enforcer spawns each gateway except 2:56 and 5:10
    • As far as Encroaching Shadows is concerned, you want to drop this near the side wall, not the stairs. The puddles last MUCH longer on Mythic, so you want to ensure you’ll have enough space to maneuver around
    • During your SECOND Phase 1, you’ll want to retain your new Ascendant add that spawned during P2. The add tank should carefully aim the lazer to blast the new adds during this second Phase 1
      • Kill this second Ascendant add after the 2nd Dark Gateway adds are killed in this second Phase 2.
      • Your boss tank should pick up the orb when the second Phase 2 begins and the new adds for that spawn, using the lazer to destroy them
    • When you enter your THIRD Phase 1, continue managing the newest Ascendant add as previously. You’ll want this add to die right before you enter Phase 3
      • When this Ascendant does die, your boss tank should hold off on picking up the orb until after the 2nd Breath in P3 to reset Void Corruption stacks
      • Try to position the Ascendant so it dies near where your tank will be in P3
  • Phase 2 starts at 1:20 and 3:30
    • Management of this phase really doesn’t change at all from Heroic. Deal with the adds, kill the Ascendant, don’t get hit by breath
    • Your FIRST Phase 2, DO NOT kill the new Ascendant add
      • You want to keep this newly created Ascendant alive until the end of the second Phase 1, with your add tank carefully aiming the lazer to hit the new adds as they spawn
    • The boss tank should pick up the orb from the recently killed Ascendant add and use the lazer to annihilate the new Phase 2 adds
      • By doing this, your boss tank will always enter your next Phase 1 with no Void Corruption stacks
    • Again, prioritize dropping Encroaching Shadows puddles near the side walls of the room, not by the stairs
    • In your SECOND Phase 2, again DO NOT kill your newly spawned Ascendant add
      • You’ll still want your add tank using the Ascendant’s lazer cast to destroy any new Dark Gateway adds that spawn
  • Phase 3 – 40%
    • This is a tight burn phase on Mythic, and where the majority of your wipes are likely to occur
    • You should Bloodlust immediately upon entering Phase 3
    • Your raid leader should prioritize calling out which third of the room the Shadow of Vexiona is flying down. Call as early as possible to give the raid time to move
    • Healers should use cooldowns for Heart of Darkness, starting with the second one
      • Because of the Void Corruption stacks, the damage towards the end of the fight gets nutty. Healers should be prepped for this
      • You can also assign raid-wide Healthstones or Health Potions as extra healer CDs
      • The hardest part is just surviving long enough for the boss to fall over
    • Just as a reminder, make sure you’re within a few yards of at least 1 other player at all times during this phase, especially during Heart of Darkness.
    • For Desolation, the handling of this changes based on which tank comp you decided
      • Option 1 – 2 tanks
        • If going with a 2 tank comp, you’ll have one tank hold Vexiona for as long as possible in this phase. The other tank needs to be ready to grab Vexiona if the first tank dies
        • Have assigned people for soak groups, each group should be 2 people with immunities
          • You only want 3 people soaking each time total, including the tank
          • The people with immunities WILL STILL GET VOID CORRUPTION STACKS, so as the phase drags on these people will need a lot of healer attention
          • Stacks do NOT RESET upon death.
        • To help mitigate the number of stacks on the raid, have your first group of immunity players soak the first 2 Desolations
          • They’ll immunity the first Desolation, and just simply sacrifice themselves on the 2nd one and die. This prevents all of the Void Corruption stacks they take from instead needing to be healed through
          • Have your second group of immunity players soak Desolations #3 and #4, doing the exact same thing as the first group
        • Ideally, put your tank with better Magic damage mitigation to be tank #1
        • You should also save an Annihilation orb from a Void Ascendant. To do this, simply don’t click the orb after killing the Void Ascendant from the second Phase 2.
        • Your tank should use the Orb immediately after the 1st Desolation inflicts damage and stacks
        • If tank #1 dies, tank 2 needs to taunt immediately, and continue soaking Desolation as before.
        • As a note, you should be striving to kill the boss before a Desolation #4 happens.
      • Option 2 – 3 tanks
        • If you can have a BDK as a 3rd tank, this strategy may prove easier for you
        • Your 3rd tank Blood DK will be permanently assigned as one of the Desolation soakers
          • You’ll still need to assign 1 person with an immunity as the “sacrifice” player. This person will immunity Desolation #1, and die on Desolation #2
          • You’ll also still need to assign another person with an immunity to help with Desolations #3 and #4, working the same way
        • By doing this, the 3rd tank BDK can self-heal a LOT of the incoming damage from the Void Corruption stacks, allowing the healers to primarily focus on the rest of the raid
          • Additionally, the BDK should be able to survive until the stacks from Desolation #4. This’ll reduce how many DPS you sacrifice, and again remove more and more Void Corruption stacks from the rest of the raid


You’ll want to position Vexiona near where she starts, and handle P1 and P2 positioning largely the same as heroic. The big thing with positioning is that you want to ensure you drop the Encroaching Shadow puddles off to the side, instead of the front or back. They don’t despawn on Mythic, so if you drop them in the front or back you can eventually run out of room to dodge the flyovers. See below:

As you get into Phase 3, you’ll have a large chunk of the room covered by the puddles. You’ll want to be moving towards the opposite end of the room, to make sure you have enough space to dodge the P3 Flyovers.