Mythic Wrathion Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2020


Creeping Madness

  • This is a debuff applied to everyone at the beginning of every Phase 1
  • As a player moves, they gain stacks of Slow
  • These stacks last 25 seconds, but accumulate quickly
  • If a player reaches 50 stacks, it’ll start dealing 300k damage per second while moving
    • Using an ability that clears movement affects also clears this, like a Paladin’s Blessing of Freedom or a Hunter’s Posthaste talent.

The Crackling Shard pillars in Phase 2 are invulnerable to damage

  • When the players who soak Scales of Wrathion run over pillars, they lose their invulnerability
  • DPS players will need to kill these pillars after the invulnerability is removed


We recommend going with a 2 tank, 4 heal, 14 DPS comp, and use Bloodlust on pull.

  • Phase 1
    • To deal with Creeping Madness, you want to be aware of your positioning at all times
    • The melee should obviously still be next to the boss’s side, but the ranged and healers should be stacked together ~30 yards away
      • Players affected by Incineration still need to run out of the raid, but only go about 10-15 yards.
    • When Gale Blast occurs, move as little as possible to get just outside the edge of the animation
      • Do NOT start moving for Burning Cataclysm until you see the boss stop moving and pick the side he’ll be on, then run in the opposite direction of where Wrathion stopped
        • You can get a glimpse of where he’s going as Gale Blast ends, since the boss model will turn and point in the direction he’ll fly
      • After the explosions from Burning Cataclysm end, do NOT run to the boss, let HIM run to YOU
        • Again, this helps minimize movement and reduce your total stacks
        • As a note on Burning Cataclysm – it is a bit trickier to identify the safe spot on Mythic than Heroic, which may require a pull or two to get used to
        • There should still always BE a safe spot, but it may be more difficult to quickly identify it.
    • If players get above 40-45 stacks, they should either use an ability to clear stacks, or ask for a Blessing of Freedom if available
      • Things like Hunter’s Posthaste after disengage and Warlock’s Demonic Circle will reset stacks, so save these for tight situations, especially during Burning Cataclysm
  • Phase 2
    • Creeping Madness fades temporarily in P2
    • Each of your 3 players that soak Scales of Wrathion will have 10 stacks of Burning Madness to use
      • There are 30 Shards that need the immunity cleared
      • You’ll want to assign faster classes to this job, things like DH, shaman, or even use Skystep potions
    • Once all the shards are down and you reenter Phase 1, get back to your P1 positioning and pump into the boss. Rinse and repeat until Wrathion falls over
    • Breaking all of these Shards is the single most important part of this fight. Any shards you fail to kill will tick for raid-wide damage the rest of the fight. Pair this with the other damage going out, and 3-4 shards not dying can quickly turn into a wipe.