Nak Interviewed by Teamplay

BY Andrew Miesner / February 25, 2011

Teamplay has released a short interview on their site with’s own Renato “nak” Nakano. The interview discusses coL’s current bootcamp in Berlin, Germany, in preparation for the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship event, which begins on Tuesday (coL’s matches begin on Wednesday). An excerpt from the interview will be posted below, translated (roughly) into english. The original interview, in portugese can be found at the link below:


Already met with the players of Evil Geniuses?

coL.nak: We arrived at around 13h, we came straight to the ICY. When we arrived we found the staff already in GE port. The funny thing is that everyone was talking about who would sleep when you get that jet lag, etc.. When we arrived here, the first thing everybody did was hook up their equiptment and start training.

Tell us how it is being “life” of you out there in Berlin, as are training.

coL.nak: So far in these three days in Berlin was just training, training and more training. In two days we wake up, we went out to eat and I make a purchase to eat the rest of the day (our food here is frozen chesseburger + folders). I think we trained about 10 maps per day. The development team is visible, as we arrange hundreds of errors that we did not see in Brazil in just three days of training. Those days are now going to be more to fix and innovate in what is already done, but if the league was tomorrow I think the confidence of everybody here would already be 100%.

Translated from Teamplay


The original interview can be found by clicking here.