Naniwa and Thorzain to Korea for GSL and GSTL

BY Andrew Miesner / June 13, 2011

The MLG-GSL partnership is turning out to be quite the success with Major League Gaming’s Columbus event absolutely destroying viewership records. Now let’s see how it will affect GOMTV’s Global StarCraft II League (GSL).

MLG has announced that Team Dignitas’ Johan “NaNiWa” Lucchesi and Mousesports’ Marcus “ThorZaIN” Eklöf will be heading to Korea via the League Exchange Program to compete in the GSL Code A August tournament. In addition to being there to participate in the individual event, they will also be participating in the August version of the GSTL. They will be teaming up with Korean pro team WeMadeFOX, which houses names such as former Warcraft III legends, Jang “Moon” Jae Ho and Park “Lyn” Joon to form “Team F.United”. There is also a third player heading to Korea, who will be announced soon. All three players will have all of their expenses covered by GOMTV / GSL.

Team F.United will be placed in the Thursday group of the GSTL August called the Jupiter League with top Korean teams: BoxeR’s SlayerS, GSTL May runner-up team MVP, MarineKing-led PRIME, Old Generations (oGs) – which houses players such as MC and NaDa – and Team SCV Life (TSL) – the team with the most GSL Code S players such as Trickster, Killer, Clide and FruitDealer. F.United’s first match is scheduled for Week 6 where they will face off against TSL.

GSTL August Format

  • 12 teams participating in the league will be divided into two groups.
  • The names of the groups are:
    • For the Thursday Group – Jupiter League
    • For the Friday Group – Venus League
    • * In Korea, Thursday is called the day of Jupiter and Friday is called the day of Venus.

  • Team F.United = WeMadeFOX + dignitas.NaNiwa + mouz.ThorZaIN
  • Pennant Race: Bo7
  • Play-offs : Bo9

MLG’s announcement can be seen HERE and GOMTV’s HERE.