NASL Details New HoN Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / September 6, 2011

A few months ago during the North American Star League finals, the NASL announced that it had partnered up with S2 Games to feature the popular MOBA title Heroes of Newerth during season 2. Today some specific details were revealed.

First off, season 2 of the NASL will feature eight HoN teams. During the first week of the competition (October 5th) the eight teams will face off in showmatches with $1,000 on the line. After these showmatches the format will shift to a round-robin tournament. The top four teams from the round-robin portion will be invited to play live at the NASL Season 2 Finals (December 2nd-4th). All of the NASL’s HoN coverage will be done by Nick “BreakyCPK” Caras and Phil “The_Thrill” Haller. Much like the StarCraft II broadcasts, there will also be guest HoN commentators.

S2 Games CEO and co-founder Marc DeForest commented on the partnership saying, “HoN is a very competitive game by nature, and there is no better way to up the ante within the eSports community then by joining the North American Star League. The selected teams are compiled of some of the top players in the world and we can’t wait to see what they do when pitted against each other.”

Russell Pfister, North American Star League CEO, also chimed in stating “We are excited to strengthen our broadcast reach to include a title as compelling as Heroes of Newerth, and to be working with S2 Games, an organization as committed as we are to foster the growth of eSports.”

Unfortunately the NASL is keeping some of the details under wraps for now. Once the participating teams are announced, expect to see a post will the rest of the information.