NASL Kicks Off

BY Andrew Miesner / April 12, 2011

After months of waiting, tonight finally marks the start of the North American Star League. At 8:30 PM EST pregame interviews will start, followed by the first match at 9:00 PM EST.

Expect to see some fantastic games from tonight’s Division 1 group featuring: Moon vs. Grubby, Vibe vs. TLO, Artosis vs. Sheth, Fenix vs. Kiwikaki, and Rainbow vs. Morrow. For a breakdown of Division 1, click here.

Each match will be a best of three and will feature the maps Terminus RE, Crossfire SE and Backwater Gulch.

In order to tune into tonight’s matches, just head over to the NASL homepage to check out the free stream. If you have already paid for your HD stream pass ($5 per broadcast or $25 per season), you will be able to log into the high quality stream from the NASL site as well. Commentary will be provided by Geoff “iNcontrol” Robinson and Andre “Gretorp” Hengchua.

Please note that the NASL will be broadcasting Tuesday through Saturday until Season one ends on June 11th. Be sure to tune in tomorrow so you can cheer on compLexity’s CunCher as he takes on Darkforce.