NASL Reveals Season 4 Groups Ft. qxc and GanZi

BY Andrew Miesner / September 6, 2012

Today the North American StarLeague revealed the groups for their upcoming Season 4. Kicking off on September 12th, the NASL features the best StarCraft II players from around the globe including two of compLexity’s all-stars: qxc and GanZi. Lucky for us, qxc and GanZi are in different divisions, with GanZi playing in Division 3 and qxc taking on Division 5. The full player list and group breakdown can be found here.

The starting Map Pool for the NASL will include:
• Cloud Kingdom
• Daybreak
• Entombed Valley
• Metropolis
• Muspelheim
• Ohana
• Whirlwind

An interesting addition to this season’s map pool is that the NASL will review the map pool after the 4th and 9th weeks of competition. Using player feedback and internal analysis, these revisions will help keep this season’s competition fresh.

The NASL broadcast starts September 12th at 9:00 PM EST. For a full schedule, including specific Division match-ups, click here. Be sure to tune in and cheer for both qxc and GanZi when the NASL goes live.