NASL Season 2 Final Event Detailed

BY Andrew Miesner / November 5, 2011

Today the North American Star League released a few details regarding their Season 2 live final event which takes place on Dec 2-4th. Held again at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CA, the live final is shaping up to be one of the best StarCraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth tournaments in the United States.

The StarCraft II tournament will feature commentary by Day9, Diggity, DjWheat, Gretorp, Husky, MrBitter, Orb, Rotterdam, and TheGunrun. So far the only players who have fully earned their placements are Liquid.Hero, EG.DeMusliM and EG.Huk. Like the previous NASL live event, this one will feature the standard Single Elimination, Bracket-Style format. Because it is single elimination, the games will be a best of five in the RO16 & RO8. It will then turn into a best of seven for the rest of the tournament. The prize money break down looks like:

1st: $40,000
2nd: $20,000
3rd: $12,000
4th: $8,000
5-8th: $3,000
9-16th: $1,000

In regards to the Heroes of Newerth tournament, the only information fully released are the casters, which are BreakyCPK and Phil the Thrill.

If you’re looking to attend the live event tickets will run you $25 and Premium Passes are $50. For the rest of the information (Hotel offers, etc.) click here.