NASL Season 2 Live Event This Weekend

BY Andrew Miesner / December 1, 2011

This weekend will mark the second live event held by the North American Star League. Running from Friday December 2nd through Sunday the 4th at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California, the NASL Season 2 Grand Finals features some of the best StarCraft II and Heroes of Newerth players and commentators around.

In total there will be eleven commentators at the Finals. The list includes:

  • Day9
  • Diggity (emcee)
  • DjWheat
  • Gretorp
  • Husky
  • MrBitter
  • Orb
  • Rotterdam
  • TheGunrun (emcee)
  • BreakyCPK (Heroes of Newerth)
  • Phil the Thrill (Heroes of Newerth)

The players participating are:

  • Liquid HerO
  • EG PuMa
  • Mouz MorroW
  • Gama Sen
  • imba BRAT_OK
  • EG DeMusliM
  • EG IdrA
  • Mouz HasuObs
  • EG HuK
  • imba Strelok
  • Mouz ThorZaIN
  • mTw DIMAGA
  • mTw TT1
  • Mouz MaNa
  • Liquid Sheth
  • GoSu HwangSin

Expect to see some great games from these players, especially considering the prize money. First place takes home $40,000, a sum that a few years ago would seem ludicrous in a Western eSports tournament. The competition is going to be cut throat though, the tournament is following a single elimination, bracket-style format. To counter balance the single elimination aspect, the NASL is starting out the Round of 16 as a best of 5. Once the herd gets thinned down to the semi-finals, the format shifts into a best of 7 series.

The map pool will consist of:

  • Dual Sight
  • Bel’Shir Beach
  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Metalopolis
  • Terminus SE
  • Tal’Darim Altar LE
  • Shattered Temple
  • Crevasse
  • Xel Naga Caverns

Be sure to the tune into the NASL Stream on Friday morning at 9:00 AM as that’s when the event will kick off. According to the official NASL TL post: “As an overview, the Heroes of Newerth matches will open each day, with the StarCraft 2 matches beginning in the afternoon. Friday will run from 9am till midnight. Saturday will run from 9:30am till approximately 11:30pm. Sunday will run from 10:00am till approximately 10:30pm.”

To check out the full schedule click here.