Na`Vi Wins IEM

BY Andrew Miesner / March 6, 2010

The Grand Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals Counter-Strike division have just come to an end and history has been made. For the first time in not only IEM history, but world CS history, a Ukrainian team has managed to take home the trophy. Na`Vi came into the tournament virtually unnoticed, not even predicted to make the top 3, but they proved everyone wrong, taking down the likes of coL and EG on their way to the finals where they took on last year’s champion, Fnatic.

In the series versus Fnatic, Na`Vi stood toe to toe with the defending champions as both maps came down to the last few rounds. Na`Vi was able to grab the first map from Fnatic as they took them down on de_train by a score of 16-13 after starting the 2nd half down by a score of 10-5. On the second map, it was even more intense as the two teams traded rounds all the way until the very end, with Na`Vi grabbing the last round of the map to take the series and the championship by a score of 16-14.



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