NESL with $35,000 LoL League

BY Andrew Miesner / February 6, 2011

The National ESL has announced their first LoL league for North America. The league, which sports $35,000 in prizes, via numerous tournaments and competitions throughout the year.

What is ESL Major Series?

EMS is a league of the best teams from the entire World. All Partners of the ESL qualify top 5v5 teams from their regions to play against each other. As the North American Partner, National ESL will qualify a team(s) to face off against the best from the World including France, UK, Russia, Sweden and many more. Want to represent the USA or Canada and win some money?

Join our qualifiers to become our representative to the World.

What is National ESL Premier League?

National ESL Premier League is the best of the best from North America. The top 5v5 teams from North America will face in a weekly match similar to the NFL or NBA. One match per week will be the “Game of the Week” and will feature extra press and the focus of the LoL community. The league will feature invited teams from EMS Qualifier and also last chance tournament qualifiers.

What is Go4LoL Tournament Series?

National ESL’s Go4LoL will be the North American version of the current ESL EU Go4LoL series. We will run at least four tournaments or cups each month starting Sunday afternoon. Go4LoL is open to everyone, anyone can sign up and play in the North American Region. 5v5 Teams will earn points per weekly tournament (cup) for a spot in the Monthly Finals.

Information on how to sign up can be found by clicking here.