New coL Management Interviewed

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2009


Over at GotFrag, there is an article about the new coL including an interview with the three managers. Jason Lake, Jason Bass, and Alex Conroy all answer the questions that everyone has been wanting answers for.

Let’s talk more specifically about your new 1.6 lineup. What circumstances lead to your ultimate decision of approaching JMC?

Jason Lake: To be honest, the decision to put this management team together was made before the JMC roster was finalized. Alex and I discussed each player along the way and we feel we’ve got a true winner. The combination of attitude, work ethic, selfless play and raw skill that this roster possesses will give our fans one hell of a fun ride in 2009. It will take them some time to get back into 1.6 form, but this organization is patient and relentless.


You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here!