New Database SC2 Earnings Shows Players Winnings

BY Andrew Miesner / June 1, 2011

Today a new StarCraft II utility website launched. Dubbed SC2 Earnings, the website lists professional SC2 teams and players in order of money earned from “online tournaments, LAN events, show matches, and leagues with a combined prize pool of $1000 USD or more.”

Professional sports players salaries are readily available to sports fans, however, this is not a luxury we have in the world of e-Sports.” said Justin Loeb, Founder and Owner of the website. “Our goal is to give fans a small glimpse into how much money their favorite players are actually accumulating over the course of time.

The cool thing about SC2 Earnings is that you can sort the list by region (Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania) and by player race, allowing for some pretty interesting data to be extrapolated.

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