New Mouz WoW Squad / ESL Tapaei

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2010

Mousesports has recently announced their come back to the WoW Arena. Some people might remember the guild Nihilum who collaborated with mouz both in PvP and PvE.  While the PvE-Squad was one of the most successful teams of their time, their PvP squads were also a strong contender for the top spots.  After half a year without a WoW team they now picked up a new team. With technically the last chance to get their name into WoW for the ESL Global Finals, mousesports recruited the South Korean team Angelref. The lineup consists of the following players:

SeolHjen “Arai” Kim 
Jungmin “goochi” Oh 
ChulMin “Angelref” Bae

They will participate in the upcoming ESL Tapaei event which will be the Asian Championship finals. You can find the official news here. The top 3 will earn themselves a spot in the Global finals at Cebit in Hannover in early March.

The participating teams are:

Button Bashers
Gaming WoW
Suit Time Alb
Death Blooms

ESL Taipei will start this Friday at 1:15am EST (7:15 CET) with the match between Button Bashers and mousesports. You can find the entire schedule here.