New WoW Squad at Gravitas

BY Andrew Miesner / July 24, 2009

After a shaky start to the 2009 season for Gravitas, they have decided to make some changes. DJ “Celex” Roggenkamp will be remaining on the team, but they will be saying goodbye to Daniel “Ely” Vulis and Corey “Emolol” Ratliff. The team performed well in 2008 with five 2nd place finishes. The reason for the roster change is that the team was not heading in the right direction for 2009.

Joining the team will be Michael “toes” Edwards and Austin “Evil” Reid. Evil is the rookie on the team, having not competed on lan yet. Toes has some experience under his belt winning ESL Philly 2008.

DJ “Celex” Roggenkamp had this to say on the new and old team:

I am more confident than ever. Toes won his first tournament ever, that being ESL Philly 2008, so he has some LAN experience under his belt. Evil however has no LAN experience, but he seems very calm and collective so I’m sure his “first LAN jitters” will go away very quickly. Within the first week of playing with each other, we were 1st place on the Rampage battlegroup which is, agreed upon many others, the most competitive battlegroup in the US. We were beating pro teams like SK and coL with about a 2:1 ratio. We will only get better as time moves forward, and if we can do this well in a week, I have no doubt in my mind that we can win tournaments this year.


DJ “Celex” Roggenkamp
Michael “toes” Edwards
Austin “Evil” Reid

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