NiP Returns? Not Exactly.

BY Andrew Miesner / December 9, 2010

According to a press release by Zowie Gear entitled “The legends are back!” the organization has announced the return of the infamous Ninjas in Pyjamas, but not in the way that most were thinking.

Both Heaton and SpawN will return to play on a team together, the team will NOT be competitive. Instead, they will play as the official ZOWIE team, representing the brand with some of the most legendary gamers that the game has to offer.

Below is the official release from Zowie:


To be honest.. We were going to wait with this announcement until January 2011, but due to recent events with a rumor stating that NiP would be revived with ZOWIE GEAR as a sponsor and SpawN and HeatoN making a comeback as two of the primary players, we have decided to make the announcement today, as we do not want to keep you hopefully waiting.

While we can say that the rumors surrounding “NiP” is completely untrue, it is indeed true that a team with SpawN and HeatoN has been in the makings. While some people might be disappointed about the purpose of this team, we would like to say that we did not create these rumors about NiP being revived as a competitive gaming team.

We are happy to announce that we signed contracts with legendary gamers Michael ‘Ahl’ Korduner, Christer ‘Fisker’ Eriksson and Tommy ‘Potti’ Ingemarsson a few months ago, however, the purpose of these contracts was not to create a new competitive gaming team that would challenge the teams that are competing for titles in competitive events.

Following the success of SpawNs and HeatoNs products we wanted to assemble a team consisting of the five most legendary players of all times to ensure that ZOWIE GEAR has the best gamers researching and developing on our future equipment for use in competitive gaming. The experience and dedication by professional gamers allows us to stay on top and provide the best possible gear available. Who has more experience and knowledge about gaming and gaming gear than these guys?

Where the original idea was to give you a wider range of competitive gaming gear developed by the most legendary players of all times, your interest and enthusiasm about a possible “NiP”-revival has made us consider the possibility of a showmatch between the ZOWIE team and a newschool team.

As it would be very difficult for us to convince these players to play a showmatch where they would most likely lose, we will need your help to make this happen. If you would like to see these players in action one more time, help us start a discussion in the forums you are frequently visiting and ask these questions:

Why should they make a comeback in a showmatch?
Who should they play against if they do decide to make a comeback?

This team currently doesn’t have a name.
What should their ingame tag be? Needs to include .ZOWIE

You may also answer these questions at our Facebook page where we have weekly competitions with prizes for our followers.

We are sorry if you are disappointed by the fact that this team was not created with the purpose of once again entertaining you in their effort to win titles, but we are confident that their future involvement in ZOWIE GEAR will bring you even better experiences.

If you do not know who these guys are, then we suggest you read about them below and watch the NiP Hard Wired CS movie here:


More information about the team can be found by clicking here.