Non-Stop Gaming Record Broken

BY Andrew Miesner / July 21, 2010

This weekend in Rotterdam, 7 gamers came together to shatter the pre-existing world record for non-stop gaming. Playing Red Dead Redemption on the Sony PS3, the gamers played for 51 hours straight to break the previous record of 40 hours. By the end of the play period, they walked away with €1,000 and the need for a weekend slumber.

The official press release is as follows:

July 19, 2010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands — Vogel’s, the leading European market leader in Audio/Video & TV mounting solutions, announced today that the Guinness World Record for non-stop gaming has been broken by six Dutch gamers during a 50 hour gaming marathon that started on Fri, July 16th at 12:55 PM Central European Time (CET), in Dixons, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The six gamers played Red Dead Redemption non-stop on a Sony PlayStation®3 (PS3TM)) using the TwistDock docking station to keep their controllers continuously charged. The team of six champion gamers included brothers Edward and Maykel Leest from Boxmeer and Hengelo, Sven de Vries from Lelystad, Renzo Bos from Baarlo, Robbie van Eijkeren from Middelburg and Marcel van Waardenburg from Amsterdam. The world record award was given out by an official Guinness World Records representative who was flown in from London especially for the occasion.

The previous official world record for non-stop gaming was set in September 2009 by Chirantan Patnaik from India with a time of 40 hours and 20 minutes, which was easily trumped by the six Dutch gamers. As the competition progressed, the Dutch gamers’ solidarity grew and they decided to sit and end the competition together. The gamers made the unanimous decision to end the attempt after an impressive 50 hours for a new world record title. In addition to the world record award, the new Guinness World Record winners received a cash prize of EUR 1,000 and six TwistDocks. “The contestants entered as rivals but left as friends,” said Gaz Deaves, official adjudicator of Guinness World Records

With TwistDock, the PS3 is Always Ready for Action

The Guinness World Record gaming event was an initiative created by Vogel’s to announce the new essential accessory for the PS3, Vogel’s TwistDock With TwistDock, the PS3 is always ready for action — even when the computer is off, the controllers are always being charged. And because of TwistDock’s ingenious turning mechanism, it’s easy to stow two controllers on the back of the TwistDock and, by simply turning it around, have the controllers available at the flick of a wrist and always charged. There’s no more annoyance of losing controllers in sofa cushions!

Gerdi Vogels, CEO of Vogel’s Products BV said, “If you introduce a totally new product in the market which makes dead controllers a thing of the past, a new non-stop gaming world record is a fantastic statement underlining the core value of TwistDock.”

TwistDock will be available in the U.S. starting 4Q 2010 in time for the holiday season. For more information, see the websites: and

About Vogel’s

For over 35 years, award-winning Vogel’s has been internationally producing Audio/Video mounting solutions. The European market leader with a distribution network that spans the globe, Vogel’s is one of the most trusted and well-known experts in the mounting solutions business with many prestigious international awards, including the Red Dot Product Design Award, RetailVision Award 2010, and many more.

Vogel’s designs, develops and sells support and mounting solutions for LCD and plasma screens, audio and video equipment and projectors. In 2010, Vogel’s has begun expanding into new categories, such as the gaming market with TwistDock for the PlayStation 3, the first product in this new area. Based in The Netherlands, Vogel’s has national sales organizations located in the U.S., U.K., Italy and Spain, and is supported by a local distribution network around the world. Vogel’s stands for innovation, quality and reliability. For more information, see


Footage of them playing can be found below: