Noxious Joins the Competition

BY Andrew Miesner / November 29, 2014

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

It’s not all too often that the popular compLexity Gaming featured streamer Noxious is entering a competitive competition. Last time this occurred was all the way in China for WCA, as he was invited to compete in the big Hearthstone festivities. Now he will add another tournament to his resume, as Noxious received an invite for the second week of the ESL Legendary Series.

The first week in that competition ended disappointingly for compLexity’s young Hearthstone squad. Newest player Alchemixt was able to qualify by being one of the most consistent players throughout the entire preseason of ESL competitions, but couldn’t get past the first hurdle when the spotlight was on. With some learning experience and an inherent randomness in the new format over at ESL Legendary Series, Alchemixt found himself in bad matchups several times, ultimately conceding a loss to Romanian tournament standout Rdu.

Now the ball is in Noxious’ corner to turn the momentum for the black-red brand around. As one of four invited players, the Hearthstone enthusiast leaves his comfort zone of the more casual approach to the game. Alongside the compLexity player is fellow popular streamer and TempoStorm member Reckful, as well as known North American tournament veterans Dart and IHU’s own Dtwo. They will compete with the returning Week 1 champion Chakki and Week 1 runner-up pinpingho, as well as the two players making it through the Challenger tournament. Interestingly enough both come from the United Kingdom this time with BlizzCon EU Regional participant Max and fellow Brit Frase trying out their luck against the Yanks.

Catch the action on the official ESL stream over at starting at 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST where Noxious will be fighting off competitors left and right to become a champion.

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