oGsMC & ST_July headed to MLG Columbus

BY Andrew Miesner / June 2, 2011

With MLG Columbus starting up tomorrow, progamers from all over are packing their bags and boarding flights to Ohio. Well, all except StarTale’s Bomber, one of the Korean players who was suppose to participate in MLG and GOMtv’s League Exchange Program. Unfortunately for eSports fans Bomber missed his flight due to passport issues and will not participating in MLG Columbus.

There is a bright side to this, however. Taking Bombers place will be none other than the Kratos Protoss, 2 time GSL champion oGsMC. According to posts on Twitter from LiquidHuk and MLG staff, MC is already on his plane and on his way to Columbus.

But that’s not all. Last night in Cyber Sports Network’s “Clash of the Houses” tournament, StarTale’s July (aka JulyZerg the God of War from Brood War) won a free trip to try his luck in MLG Columbus’s open pool.

With both MC and July joining the cast of IM.Losira, SlayerS_MMA and FOXMoon, MLG Columbus is looking like it will be the best North American lan tournament of the year.