Pandemic Lets The Light In

BY Andrew Miesner / October 1, 2009

Team Pandemic has announced their latest addition to their organization. Team [LighT] will be representing Pandemic in the Starcraft division. Team [LighT] has shown their level of play throughout many events placing 4th in E-Sports International and WGTour Titans League.

Right now, we’re better than we ever have been…We’ve improved so much in the past few months and I think we are extremely motivated to continue our improvement,  we have a clear view of the top now and are working hard on closing that gap.” – Duran “Xeris” Parsi (Starcraft Divisional Manager)

We are very excited about what this means for our organization. We feel like the future of eSports relies heavily on online play and the communities driving the titles we support; very few games have the global reach and die-hard fans that Starcraft offers, and with Starcraft 2 on the horizon, we hope this move will put us in a prime position for many years to come.” – Chris Lemley, President of TeamPandemic LLC.

Starcraft Squad 2009-10

Duran “Xeris” Parsi – Manager
Andre “Gretorp” Hengchua
Jose “CaStrO” Castro
Jin “Frost” Kim
Payam “ArchOn” Toghyan
Brian “Assem” Fransioli
Andrew “Sadist” Nolan
Adrian “KawaiiRice” Kwong
Artur “Shad” Grenda
Richard “Future” Almand
Kyle “AngeL” Hollet
Joseph “Gosudark” Miramira
Kyle “StRyKeR” Kim
Taek-han “Tear” Park
Sun “Sun” Meh
Tomislav “Skyless” Medved
Sami “Freaky” El-Dabbagh
Jordan “JiYan” Lee – assistant


For more information about the new roster, click here