Paula Garces Partners with HoN

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2011

In the Heroes of Newearth newsletter, it was announced that Aluna, one of the heroes in HoN would be voiced by The Shield’s Paula Garces. Garces has also played roles in Warehouse 13 and Harold and Kumar 1-3.

Aluna is set to be released on Friday. Bearing the voice, personna and looks of the sexy Latina actress, Aluna looks to be one of the most beloved heroes in the game.


The powers of a modern day Latina superhero will come to life in Newerth this Friday as our newest hero is unleashed.

Acclaimed TV and movie actress Paula Garcés, is the persona and voice behind the new Legion hero Aluna. Seen in Clockstoppers, Harold and Kumar, and Warehouse 13, Garcés lends her beauty and talent to HoN. Aluna, of the Legion, is skillful in battle and sure to become a celebrity amongst the heroes of Newerth.

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