PG2: coL.Barmoa vs Paleta

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2009


Todays game saw Barmoa take on Paleta for the America Cup quarter finals. His opponent (who hails from the same country as the world famous footballer, Marradonna) got off to a great start scoring a goal early on but this only spurred on Barmoa to make a barrage of chances on Paleta’s goal mouth. It payed off with Barmoa making it 1 – 1 going into the first half. Things got off to a shakey start in the second half for our hero as he conceded a goal in the 55th minute. Things only got worse for Barmoa in the first round, second half as he conceded a further 2 goals, making it 4 – 1 to Paleta going into the 70th minute. That’s the way it finished leaving Paleta to take away the bragging rights and the very first result of the night.

The second game got off to a firey start with Paleta taking down one of Barmoa’s players with a bad foul. Barmoa followed with a shot from some 37 meters and the game followed the usual trend of back and forth until the deadlock was broken by Barmoa who slotted it in from close range and followed it up soon after with another goal, making it 2 – 0 in 30+ minutes. The first half finished leaving Barmoa to think about how to hold onto the lead or even further it. Barmoa mirrored the Torres of real life in his Spain squad and slotted in his third of the round making it 3 – 0 close to the 80th minute. The final score of the second round was 3 – 0 to Barmoa leaving the standings at 1 win a piece.

The last game had a lot of tension involved with both Paleta and Barmoa needing to win to go through to the Semi-Finals. Barmoa did get off to a good start in the third round, scoring a goal in the 15th minute and setting him up for a potential momentum mover. It stayed that way until the very end and Barmoa took home the win making it 2 wins to 1 for him, leaving him to go through to the semi-finals!


Today, coL.FIFA is in action with Barmoa vs Paleta for the America Cup quarter finals. The match is a best-of-three format. The last match in the America Cup, Barmoa managed to come back after being down a game and ended up winning the next two to advance to the next round. Both players have had a good route to the quarter finals winning the first round 2-0, then the last round 2-1. The connection to Argentina will play a part in today’s match so it will be interesting to see the outcome. The match is set to start at 5PM EST and we will be having a scorebot in #compLexity. Stay tuned for coverage of the match!

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