PG2: coL.Barmoa vs S-g`Jumen

BY Andrew Miesner / February 24, 2009


Tonights match saw Barmoa get off to a wonderful start as he slotted in an early goal in the 7 minute. His pressure continued to pile on through out the next 20 minutes or so, with Barmoa taking a few close/long range shots at his opponent Jumen. Jumen tried to respond but rather shamefully had a shot blasted over the bar and into the crowd from only 6 meters away! That seemed to be thematch that ignited the fire and it only took Jumen another 5minutes or so to slot in a fantastic shot from 4 meters, making it 1 – 1. But Barmoa wasn’t about to sit there and take it, immediately responding with a goal from 9 meters out leaving the first half to end 2 – 1 in favour of Barmoa. It took Barmoa only 10minutes of ingame time to make it 3 – 1 leaving Jumen standing rather uncomfortably on the back foot. It clearly showed too, as Jumen continued a scrappy first half of continuous fouls and offsides. However, his persistence paid off as he was able to grab a goal back in the 75th minute. Barmoa seemed shaken and had very little chances going into the final few minutes. It seemed Barmoa’s concentration was whithering and Jumen took full advantage grabbing yet another goal, forcing the 3 – 3 draw into overtime. In an exciting first round, best out of three game, Jumen scored his third consecutive goal making it 4 – 3 to him – surely draining Barmoa’s confidence. If that wasn’t enough to win the game then the second half of overtime surely was as Jumen came back in a thrilling manner to make the game his at 5 – 3! The first round of the evening went to Jumen.  Barmoa could only take the fact that every time he’s lost the first round, he’s gone on to win 2 rounds in a row and it was up to fate to see if that statistic would work in his favour once more.

Going into the second round both teams seemed hesitant to get it near each others goal mouth. However, it was Barmoa who once again called shotgun on the score sheet, making it 1 – 0 from 9meters out with Fernando Torres scoring the goal for Barmoa’s Spain. Cometh the hour, cometh the de ja vu as Jumen grabbed the equaliser and if ever there was any need for proof that this was de ja vu – Barmoa scored straight afterwards. But this was all about suspense and with 4 minutes Jumen had his equaliser YET AGAIN! Neither side was letting up, showing just how much they both wanted to get through to the finals. There was no shortage of goals or drama in this semi-final fixture. Jumen had something to say in the closing minutes of the first half, scoring to make it 3 – 2 in added time, leaving Barmoa in dismay, surely. The second half got underway instantly after the whistle blew with both sides eager to prove their mettle. Barmoa was able to break away and grab an equaliser, shortly followed by Jumen spitting in Barmoa’s eye and going back on top making the score 4 – 3 in favour of Jumen. But if you bet any money on either player at this point then you should have checked into a mental ward as Barmoa was able to pull one back taking the game to a score of 4 each and making me sweat blood with anticipation.

The game went into Overtime for the second time of the night in the second round and the pressure was on both sides after the de ja vu was only a goal more than the last overtime of the evening. Jumen brought on some fresh legs as the second half of overtime got underway. However it was Jumen who was to take the game and win 3 – 0 on penalties after the overtime solved nothing for the score. Both sides battled like true warriors but it was Jumen who came out the stronger opponent, taking tonights gaming 2 – 0 in rounds.

We here at wish Jumen the best of luck in the tournament!


Tonight coL.Barmoa will be playing end to end against S-g`Jumen in the continuation of the FIFA League America Cup Semi-Final. Barmoa has been able to get this far through hardcore practice and has had to beat some very tough opponents. As always, the scorebot will be in #compLexity. Match time is 7PM EST with a best of three format, so keep it locked to for coverage!

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