PG2: vs Back2Back

BY Andrew Miesner / July 23, 2009

Post-Game got off to a rough start on the terrorist side once B2B got rolling with the pistols. B2B’s defense was just too strong for the boys to be able to take over any bomb site. During the thirteenth round, was able to capitalize on the situation and finally put themselves on the scoreboard. Just when they had picked up a round, B2B went back to work as they finished out the half 14-1. Second half ended just as fast as the first as B2B picked up the pistol along with the second round to make the match 16-1. GG to B2B.


Tonight the Canadian Counter-Strike squad takes on Back2Back in a rescheduled match from Week 1:1 of CEVO-Professional. So far this season, is undefeated with a few unexpected close matches. Last night we witnessed them take on in a match that was pushed to overtime. This match took place on the same map as tonight’s will: de_train. will be looking for a better start than they did last night while Back2Back will be looking to come out swinging as well. B2B is currently bootcamping at LethalGamers for the ESEA-I LAN Playoffs this weekend. They also participated in yesterday’s LG Pre-ESEA event. There is no doubt that they have had a chance to fix some of the mistakes made at the WCG Quiver, but we shall see how they do against the Canadians, eh? player Matt “adr” Caverly has provided us with a little comment about the match-up. will be facing off against an aggressive b2b team on de_train after coming off a nail biter last night. We hope to carry the momentum into tonight’s match. A lot of work has been put into improving our train performance lately so we expect a positive outcome. We are looking to get off to a strong start on the CT side while carrying that energy into our terrorist side. Only time will tell if our preparation are up to par, so wish us luck!

The match will kick off at 10PM EST with scorebot and spectator information in #compLexity. Stay tuned!

compLexity Canada
Map: de_train
HLTV: To Be Announced
Scorebot: #compLexity