PG2: coL.cs takes on Turmoil

BY Andrew Miesner / September 14, 2009


In a match that took a full hour to play, coL.cs and Turmoil squared off on de_nuke for a CEVO makeup match. Turmoil was able to take the pistol round in the first half of action, setting the tone for the start of the match. In what looked to be a long road ahead for coL, they were able to claw their way back to win the half by a score of 10-5. In the second half, Turmoil took yet another pistol from coL, taking the much needed momentum. Turmoil was able to fight to win the round 10-5, bringing the match into overtime. In overtime, coL grabbed the first half 4-1 and looked to have the clear win, however Turmoil was able to bounce back yet again, bringing the second overtime to the final round before coL put a stop to it, taking the match by a score of 21-18. It was a great game by both teams!


Tonight the action picks back up after a lackluster week filled with trips to Mexico and very little CS action. compLexity is looking to wrap up the CEVO-P season in style with the final two matches, one taking place tonight against Turmoil. The team is currently 15-1 and sitting in second place. They are still fighting to take the first place seed from Team EG as the season comes to a close. With two matches left, they have the ability to do so, they just need to win both matches.

Turmoil has been showing advancements in the past week. The former Gravitas Gaming went down to GameGune Mexico and placed third behind EG and WeMadeFOX. They have had a really down CEVO season with a 8-8 record coming into this match. It seems that they have not played to their potential at all this season. They still have a spot for playoffs, but are one of the lowest seeds.

The match tonight will take place on de_nuke. A map that is both a strength and a weakness for compLexity. Turmoil is not a team to look at their record to decide if they are good or not. They can easily contend for a top 3 team in the United States and can be a threat. If the team is back on track after their new addition of Joe “perez” Perez, they can really do some damage.

The match is scheduled for 11PM EST and HLTV/Scorebot will be provided.

Status: Completed
Time: 11PM EST