PG2: coL.cs vs

BY Andrew Miesner / July 23, 2009


coL.cs started off on CT with winning the pistol round and did not look back at all during the first half. With hero and evolution steam rolling through the half, Blight had little chances to gain rounds. coL was able to win 13 in a row with hero sporting a score of 19-2 after the fourteenth round. coL let that single round go before they finished out the half making it very hard for Blight to have a chance if they were to lose pistol second half.

Second half kicked off with coL continuing the momentum leaving Blight helpless after losing pistol. The score of the match ended 16-1 in favor of coL. GG to Blight.


Tonight, coL.cs, fresh off their victory at the WCG Quiver Shootout, will be in action to take on for the CEVO regular season in Week 2-1. is fresh off a tough over-time loss to the team and will be looking for revenge against the organization, while the confident compLexity will look to push their way to victory. With only one night left before the coL.cs team leaves for Dallas, TX and the ESEA-Invite playoffs, they better hope that they have all of their kinks worked out. The match is set to begin at 9PM EST. Information regarding the match can be found in the scoreboard below:

Map: de_nuke
HLTV: To Be Announced
Scorebot: #compLexity