PG2: coL.cs vs Core/Chimera

BY Andrew Miesner / December 31, 2008

Post Game

In what turned out to be a night of matches between CGS teams, minus the CGS, coL faced defeat at the hands of the Core and a solid victory over the Chimera. Tuscan has proved to be an iffy map for coL, and it showed against the Core. Core got off to a quick start and never looked back, taking the match 13-2. In the second match, coL seemed rejuvenated on one of their strongest maps, nuke, taking the first 8 rounds of the map, more than enough to guarantee a win. coL was able to finish out the second half by splitting the remaining rounds, taking the match 13-3. Good game to both teams, and good luck in the future.


Despite yesterday’s news, The Syndicate presses forward. The future may be uncertain, but the squad is bound and determined to complete the CEVO CS:S season. Sitting on a 6-1 record, the guys are poised for a playoff run and hopefully some much needed prize money. First on deck in tonight’s double header will be the Core. Coming into this match 7-1, having already played a bulk of the former CGS teams and winning, the Core are not someone that coL will be able to push aside. The two will be matched up on de_tuscan, a map that can go either way at any given time. In the second match of the night, the Syndicate will be taking on the Chimera. In a rather unexpected situation, Chimera comes into this match with a 3-4 record. Although their record may not be what we are used to, this is a team that has taken down coL in the past and could very well do it again tonight if coL is on their heels. This match will take place on de_nuke, a map that has favored coL as of late. As always, coverage will be provided. Information can be found in the scoreboards below. The first match is set to begin at 10PM EST, with the second match following at 11PM EST.

coL vs Core Recording!

coL vs Chimera Recording!