PG2: coL.cs vs Deadbolt

BY Andrew Miesner / February 11, 2009


compLexity started off the match on the terrorist side with a shaky beginning. After taking the first 3 rounds, deadbolt fought back to even up the score. Both teams traded rounds until 5-5, then coL ran off with the rest of the half to make it 10-5 leading up to CT. The terrorist side was led by Volcano who had played superb For coL, there was no looking back this half as they kept deadbolt at bay, and let them only gain a single round to complete the match 16-6. Good game to deadbolt!


Tonight compLexity.cs takes on deadbolt for Week 5-1 of CEVO-Main. The match is to be played on de_train and it will be the first time we see coL play an official match on this map. The team has been rolling on through CEVO-Main and looks to increase their winning streak. Deadbolt has been experiencing close matches all season long and two hard losses with large margins. The match is set to start around 11:45PM EST. Spectator information will be provided here and in #compLexity, where you can also find a scorebot. Wish our boys good luck here!


You can watch the match live on CTN HERE!


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 Recording of the Match