PG2: coL.cs vs Delta Elite Force

BY Andrew Miesner / April 15, 2009


coL.cs got off to a slow start on terrorist dropping the first 3 rounds to DEF then answering back with a few rounds to tie it up. Both teams bounced back and forth until coL pulled ahead with a small cushion. The first half ended 8-7 in coL’s favor. After having a fantastic terrorist half for de_nuke, the boys took their momentum into the second half with some fantastic play. To start it off, zid had a fantastic CT pistol with a three-kill. DEF was able to gain 1 round before coL made it game point. DEF fought back to try and keep themselves in the game. DEF fought back to make the final game 16-13 in favor of coL. GG to DEF!


coL.cs suffered a loss in the first round of the ESEA-I playoffs against x3o last week, and is looking to stay alive tonight vs Delta Elite Force in the lower bracket. Delta Elite Force may not be a familiar name as it is the current name of the ex-WinOut team. Ranked 5th in the playoffs, DEF will be a tough opponent with their most recent addition of mehLer. Will compLexity be able to hold their own on de_nuke to stay alive in the playoffs? Tune in tonight at 10PM EST to find out! We will have a scorebot in #compLexity along with spectator information once it becomes available.

Scorebot: #compLexity
Live Stream: compLexiTV

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Delta Elite Force
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