PG2: coL.cs vs EG.usa

BY Andrew Miesner / March 3, 2009


coL got off to a good start on CT winning the first 3 rounds. EG answered back and from there on out the half was all EG. coL managed to pick up 2 more rounds before the end of the half. The score going into the second half was 10-5 in EG’s favor. The second half coL took pistol round and then EG finished out the half. The final score was 16-6 in EG’s favor. Good game to EG.


Tonight is the match-up the community has been waiting for. coL.cs takes on EG.usa for the first time since their new rosters. EG.usa has been playing very well as of late in the ESEA-I league currently being undefeated. compLexity will have to fight hard to overcome their opponent as they have had a tough time this season, but have shown great improvement. Tonight’s match will take place at midnight on de_inferno. Scorebot and spectator information will be in #compLexity prior to match time. Stay tuned for coverage on the match!

Scorebot: #compLexity
Live Stream: compLexiTV

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