PG2: coL.cs vs Exertus eSports

BY Andrew Miesner / October 15, 2013


We were able to catch up with Sean “seang@res” Gares at the end of the match and this was the input he gave us:

[ 1st Half / 4th Round ] XTS pushes down and tries to pinch coL on the ramp but coL gets the early pick in middle and take out the rest with haste.  Was this the right play by Exertus? (Was their pinch not coordinated enough it seemed as though the mid guy made it there entirely too fast before the banana push) Why wouldn’t XTS grenade stack or play more passively in this situation?

Sean “seang@res” Gares:  On the 4th round, I think they were likely looking for an alt middle AWP pick.  Throughout the match they set a precedent of smoking deep middle to allow for it, so I kept everyone aware that they would likely get aggro soon.  Once we got the pick middle a second guy shot through the smoke middle, and we also happened to get a pick halls.  It was an easy decision to roll to A and 1v4 the lone defender.  The push probably could’ve worked better with a little more coordination on the other sides of the map.

[ 1st Half / 9th Round ] Hiko and Swag hawk down the 2 remaining XTS in construction who were saving their guns… is this standard practice or who/what determines to go for them as opposed to staying with the bomb is the better choice?

Sean “seang@res” Gares:  We decided to hunt the remaining players on round 9 in large part due to the situation within the match.  At this point we had enough money to lose a gun and still have a strong economy.  On the other hand, if we took the guns out of their hands and won the 10th round, their economy would’ve been in shambles.

[ 1st Half  / 14th Round ] While on full buy, you experienced what some suggest is DDoS, what happens behind the scenes during server pause/crash? Does this help or hurt a team more often than not?

Sean “seang@res” Gares:  When the score was 9 XTS to our 4, the server experienced severe lag.  At this point in the match we were on a full buy and in a 5v5 situation, so it was pretty detrimental.  We ended up just trying to individually run into sites (which failed everywhere).  One of us couldn’t move at all and was forced to save the gun and get no money.  It definitely hurt us, since we were broke on the final round, but I don’t want take away from Exertus’ play.

How important is it that a team controls the tempo of the match?

Sean “seang@res” Gares:  The tempo in a match is pretty important, but it is important to play at a safe speed.  If a team can play at a consistently high paced, safe speed, it is deadly.  By controlling choke points it forces the opposing team to use more resources on areas that aren’t the bombsites.

As the match concluded, compLexity.cs came out just shy of the victory over Exertus eSports with a final score of 16 to 14 on de_inferno. With the first match of the season in the books so are a few lessons learned by coL.cs. Those lessons come in the form of situations experienced as a team and operating more and more as a unit.  GG to Exterus eSports!  Catch compLexity.cs as they face off against Frost Gaming on Thursday for ESEA S15 Week 1:2 on de_inferno. The official starting time of this match will be confirmed closer to time! Thanks for reading the PG2 and look forward for more to come from @compLexityLive!


Tonight compLexity.cs is back in action as they open up their ESEA season by taking on Exertus eSports on de_inferno. compLexity is looking to make their way back to the finals after falling to NiP in the Grand Finals last season, while Exertus is fresh out of ESEA-Main with a promotion this season. Led by old-school player Joshua ‘PineKone’ Springer, Exertus will be looking to prove that they belong in the league amongst some of the best teams in North America.

coL.cs has kicked it into high gear coming off of their 2nd place ESEA Season 14 LAN placing in preparation for the upcoming E-Sports World Cup in France and MSI Beat It Tournament in China. The team has spent countless hours bringing together and compiling all that they have studied in the short time away following ESEA Season 14 and the online portion of the MSI Beat It Qualifiers and are back for more glory.

We caught up with Sean “sgares” Gares who had this to say about tonights match up:

How much of an effect has using Valve’s version of the maps versus the _se versions had in compLexity’s planning and strategizing?

Sean “seang@res” Gares: Using Valve’s versions of the maps has really refreshed our team’s practices. We all feel motivated to find new ways to smoke/flash areas, and even defend chokepoints. I’m really interested to see how a few of the maps play in scrims, since we’ve only been able to play on a few thus far. For tonight’s match against Exertus e-Sports, we’re definitely eager to finally play a Valve map in a match setting. We’ve been scrimming against Exertus quite a bit, and they’ve vastly improved since our matchup in the MSI qualifier. This lineup is MUCH different so we cannot overlook them at all. If we want to win this match we’re going to have to make them play at our pace and make coordinated decisions. It’s important that we stick to what we’ve practiced and focus on our game.

What has the practice schedule been like for compLexity.cs coming into ESEA Season 15?

Sean “seang@res” Gares: Our practice schedule for Season 15 has been much different than it was in Season 14. This season we’ve really stuck to disciplined schedule and focused a lot of strategy/theory. Being able to see what truly worked at ESEA LAN was huge for us. We’re coming into this season with a slightly changed mentality and a heavy desire to evolve.

Here is a quick re-cap of the last match up between Exertus e-Sports and compLexity.cs in the MSI Beat It Qualifier (special thanks to ESEA)


Be sure to tune in tonight to at 11PM EDT (10PM CST) for the first match up of ESEA Season 15 for compLexity.cs! Also make sure to follow us on Twitter at @compLexityLive !



coL.cs 14 VS 16 Exertus
Week 1 – Season 15