PG2: coL.cs vs FEVER

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009


Update: Due to issues with Grant “Griff” Hall’s computer, the match  with 94 Knicks has been rescheduled for Sunday at 10PM EST.


Post Game

In what turned out to begin a single match night, we had yet another close one. coL came out very slow, with fRoD not getting a kill the entire first half. Somehow, coL was able to grab 3 first half rounds in what ended up being just enough. In the second half, coL battled back, winning the half 6-3 to bring the match into overtime where coL was able to take the match 10-9. GG to CyberRevolution!



Tonight, coL takes on 94Knicks and CyberRev in CS:S for both CEVO-P and the CGS Pro-Am Lower Brackets, respectively. The last time compLexity faced the 94Knicks, they took down the skilled team by a score of 13-3 in the CEVO-P Placement Tournament. Both teams have had a lot of time to practice since then, and coming off a loss, coL will be looking to start a new streak and take the lead in CEVO-P. The 94Knicks have already worked their way to the bottom, likely knocking themselves out of the playoffs with their 1-5 record. This is a team with tons of experience and can not be taken lightly.

In the second match of the night, coL takes on CyberRev in the CGS Pro-Am Lower Bracket. coL finds themselves in this position after a loss to 3D.NY on Monday night. The last time compLexity faced CyberRev, they hit the ground running, winning the match 13-3 in the Placement Tournament. CyberRev, playing as FEVER in the CGS Pro-Am, was taken down in their first round of playoff competition (Round 2) in similar fashion to coL, at the hands of 3D.NY. This is a must win for both teams, as a loss will result in elimination from the tournament. Stay tuned as the matches are set to begin at 9PM EST. Coverage information can be found below.



CEVO-P Season 7






















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CGS Pro-Am CS:S Playoffs












FEVER (CyberRev)










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coL vs Fever (CyberRev) Recording!