PG2: coL.cs vs Frost Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / October 20, 2013


Do you feel that the Molotov/incendiary should be buffed? (You pushed through that Molotov in banana and got the frag on the guy at car)

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert: I haven’t quite studied the effects of damage per second or anything, so I think it’s as fair as a fire wielding bottle could be?  I ran through the flame as a calculated decision, I knew he had to reload and I had high HP.

Do you feel that as a team, given the steam rolling, you take anything away from these matches to apply later on?

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert: Well it’s important to stay focused regardless of how well you’re doing, so I guess in a sense it helps remind us not to get complacent and good results are more likely.

Good games have been exchanged and coL.cs has come out on top over Frost Gaming with a final score of 16-2.  The team made quick work of Frost Gaming on de_inferno and with the second match of the season in the books compLexity improves to a 1-1 record. The team looks forward to meeting up with RELiABLE GAMiNG on de_dust2 this Tuesday at a time to be determined.


The second match of ESEA Season 15 is set to kick off tonight versus Frost Gaming.  compLexity.cs is looking to bounce back from a loss to Exertus eSports.  In a close match that was plagued with server lag issues, coL.cs fell to Exertus with a final score of 16 to 14 on de_inferno.  Tonight the guys are taking on Frost Gaming led by long time gaming veteran of the Counter-Strike: Source community and former CGS player, Mohamad “mOE” Assad. The match is set to kick off tonight at 9PM EST with live coverage by

Prior to the beginning of the match, we caught up with Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert who answered the following questions we had:


Coming off of the loss to Exertus eSports, what is something that the team has decided to change in preparation going into tonight’s match up?

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert: Without giving away too much, we basically don’t want to commit to as many unnecessary battles as we did in our Exertus match, and we’re going to try to tighten up our offense a bit and hopefully get the pistols.

What play style best describes the new Frost Gaming line up?

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert: Very pug like. They like to move quickly with AWPers on either side of the strategy.

What is the biggest threat Frost Gaming has to offer and how is coL.cs prepared to counter it? Is there anything to be said about Joshua “steel” Nissan playing from the UK and the potential lag that you guys may face?

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert: They can hit shots, and if they gain momentum they can be dangerous as any team.  The lag might play to their advantage, steel seems to somehow embrace it, heh :P.


Make sure to tune in tonight to at 9PM EST for live coverage of the match and check back here for post game comments following!


coL.cs 16 VS 2 Frost Gaming
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