PG2: coL.cs vs. FURY Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / January 29, 2009


Tonight’s match started out with FURY Gaming taking the pistol round on T side. This resulted in the next 2 rounds being dropped before coL caught fire with the gun rounds. zid had a huge round with an ace and the boys finished CT side being ahead 10-5. The second half started off well picking up pistol round along with the next two rounds. The next few rounds consisted of both teams trading off until compLexity pulled ahead to game point. The side ended 6-6 which resulted in a 16-11 win for compLexity. Good game to FURY!


Tonight compLexity.cs takes on FURY Gaming for Week 3 of CEVO-Main. The match is set to be played on everyone’s favorite map, de_dust2. coL is coming into this match after a tight win against DoA which was played on de_forge. Look for compLexity to be hot right off the pistol round as we return to what people consider to be a “general” map as some feel that forge wasn’t the best of maps to properly feel out the new compLexity in their return to the 1.6 scene. So far, FURY Gaming has been sporting their 3-1 record well with some pretty good margins of victory in their wins. Expect them to be a tough opponent as we start this third week of the season. The match is scheduled to take place at 9:30 EST. HLTV will be posted here and in IRC. As usual, you can find the scorebot in #compLexity.

*UPDATE – Match has been postponed to 10:30PM EST.


  • 10
  • 6
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  • 16
FURY Gaming
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  • 11