PG2: coL.cs vs grid05

BY Andrew Miesner / May 13, 2009


compLexity got off to a great start tonight on the terrorist side taking the first 5 rounds in a quick manner. G5 was able to pick up round 6 before coL ran away to score more rounds. After picking up about 4 rounds, G5 was able to show some life left as happa played two big rounds. This led to G5 putting themselves back in the game with a few more rounds before the half ended 11-4 in favor of compLexity. The second half started with G5 taking a much needed pistol round. This enabled them to get the next few rounds before both teams had guns. After the fourth round went to G5, coL was forced to save. Both teams traded rounds for the rest of the half until G5 was able to even up the score 14-14. G5 was able to have a great comeback to win the match 16-14. GG to grid05.


Tonight coL.cs takes on grid05 for the first week of ESEA-I Season 3. compLexity has been on a break from official matches with the off-season, so expect to see even more improvement from last season due to lots of time to practice. grid05 is new to the Invite division of ESEA this season. It will be interesting to see how they fair against coL since they have one season of Invite under their belt. The action starts at 11PM EST on de_nuke. Stay tuned for spectator information and a scorebot in #compLexity!

Map: de_nuke
HLTV: To Be Announced
Scorebot: #compLexity