PG2: coL.cs vs HRG – CEVO Playoffs

BY Andrew Miesner / April 8, 2010


coL.cs got off to a hot start, taking the first five rounds of the match. HRG, however, wouldn’t go down easily, as they battled back to make the score 5-5. coL.cs took the half over from there as they finished it out by a score of 9-6. In the second half, it looked to be all HRG as they rolled over coL on the pistol. Luckily for coL, xp3 got hot with the awp and was able to lead coL back into the lead in order to take the victory by a score of 16-13. Good game to both teams! coL will be taking on EG on Sunday for Round 2.


Tonight, coL takes on HRG (Sway) in the first round of the CEVO Professional Playoffs. coL comes into the playoffs with the 5th place seed, while HRG has the 4th. These two teams were set to meet up in the last week of CEVO action, however HRG could not field five and was forced to forfeit. With the winner of this match moving ahead in the upper bracket to face EG, both teams will need to be on the top of their games if they want to be successful down the road. The match is scheduled to start at 10PM EST and will take place on de_inferno. As always, coverage will be provided.


High Rollers Gaming (Sway)
Map: de_inferno
Time: 10:00PM EST
Scorebot: #complexity