PG2: coL.cs vs NSU

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2009

Post Game

The new squad got off to a rough start tonight with a 13-17 loss to NSU after beating them recently on de_train.  After winning the CT pistol round the guys dropped 10 in a row before grabbing another round.  The half ended 5-10.  On T side a surprise push by NSU caught the team off guard and cost them pistol round.  A 3rd round buy resulted in a bomb plant but eventually a lost round.   Despite some amazing play by Volcano the squad couldn’t get any footing and lost the match 7-16.  The final score was 13-17.  GG to NSU!


Pre Game

Tonight we see our new compLexity lineup in their first match under the new organization name, as they prepare for their week 1.2 match in CEVO-Main. Tonight’s matchup is set to take place on the map de_inferno, and their opponent is a pretty good one. The Canadian-based team known as North Stars United (NSU) is coming into the match with a solid placement tournament showing finishing at 7-2 with 2 forfeit wins. This should prove to be a test for the new team as they continue to work off the rust from the move from Source. HLTV: and the scorebot will be in #compLexity. Stay locked in to the site for all your gaming coverage needs.


coL.cs vs. NSU Recording



Graphics by Andy “Ez” Price