PG2: coL.cs vs. outplayed

BY Andrew Miesner / January 21, 2009

Post Game

Tonight we saw our Counter Strike team in their second match under their new name.  They play team outplayed on de_forge.  The first half got off to a rusty start as team outplayed was able to capture the first 4 rounds before coL got on the board.  The team showed resistance however turning in an 8-7 first half in their favor.  The second half began as coL on ct losing yet another pistol round.  Complexity answered again in the form of an eco round win, leading to 5-consectutive rounds putting the score at 13-8.  Team outplayed would even the score at the end of regulation 15-15, sending it to overtime.  In overtime, da bears was huge for coL, as compLexity finally got their first win (3-2, 3-1 in overtime.)  GG to both teams.


Pre Game

Tonight our cs squad looks to get into the win column under the new name as they take on team outplayed in week 2.1 of CEVO-Main on the map de_forge.  Last week we saw a shaky performance from our troops when they were defeated at the hands of NSU, this week however, outplayed comes into this match being dominated in both of their matches this season.  We could very well see the first of many victories tonight, so be sure to keep it locked for the HLTV information, and #complexity for the scorebot. The match is set to begin at 10:00PM EST!

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