PG2: coL.cs vs Reliable

BY Andrew Miesner / October 22, 2013

Tonight compLexity.cs is set to face off on de_dust2 for ESEA-Invite Season 15 Week 2:1. The team has a 1-1 record on the season so far after an opening match loss to Exertus eSports and following this past Sunday’s dominating win over Frost Gaming. Last night coL.cs took on Artyk Gaming last night in CEVO-Main action, winning 16 to 13. coL.cs is now turning up the heat in anticipation for next week’s E-Sports World Cup appearance. Groups for ESWC 2013 were announced today and compLexity finds themselves in Group D (alongside LGB eSports, ETERNiTY, and France’s 2nd qualified team.) With the stakes of coL.cs game play growing more and more with each passing day; it should be of no surprise that the team is working out some last minute kinks before hitting the road.

Prior to the match we caught up with Spencer “Hiko” Martin and he gave us this insight:

What do you know about the teams in the ESWC group you have been placed in? (Group D)

Spencer “Hiko” Martin: I know that LGB has showed promise recently, they took a few maps off some of the top teams and they should be good at ESWC. ETERNiTY I really haven’t heard much of, I don’t know much about the Libyan CS:GO scene so I don’t know what to expecty of them. Finally, the France #2 team could be any of the top french teams at this point, so I don’t really know who I’m expecting to be in our group yet.

What is your pick on a “group of death,” if any and why?

Spencer “Hiko” Martin: I think Group C is the closest thing to a group of death because it has 3 teams that I think COULD get out of the group stages. If VeryGames takes the France #2 spot, our group would be the group of death, but for now I’ll have to say Group C.

What are you expecting from RELiABLE GAMiNG tonight in terms of competition? What or who is their biggest threat?

Spencer “Hiko” Martin: I think RELiABLE GAMiNG is a good team that has a lot of potential. They know how to play and have good aim. I think we just have to focus on our game and make sure we don’t give them unnecessary picks and it should result well for us.


Tune in tonight to at 11:00PM EST for live coverage of compLexity.cs versus RELiABLE GAMiNG!


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