PG2: coL.cs vs TEKnicality

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009


compLexity started off the match on CT and had a rough time from the get-go. It looked as if TEK was going to run away with the half when the score was 2-8, but coL closed the gap to 6-9 going into the second half. The second half was a different tale as sunman opened up with a huge pistol round winning a 1v2. The guys strats were too much for TEK and coL started to even up the score. With a 13-13 tie, coL finished strong led by method and da_bears for a 16-13 win. Good game TEK!



Tonight compLexity.cs will be taking on TEKnicality for the second set of the week three matches. coL is on a three game win streak and is looking to improve that streak and keep their record at 1 loss. TEKnicality is out for redemption after a close 12-16 loss. TEK’s past matches except for the loss have had good margins in their wins, so it should be an exciting match. The past match on dust2 vs FURY, we saw zid’s AWP ace, so look for him to be shootin sharp again tonight! The match time is 10:30PM EST and is set to take place on de_dust2. As usual we will have the scorebot in #compLexity along with HLTV information and a stream on CTN.

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