PG2: coL.cs vs x3o

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009



Tonight we witnessed the arrival of de_russka as compLexity attempted to start the season 5-0.  They were matched up against Team x3o.  CompLexity would start out on the Counter-Terrorist side and needed to jump out with some early momentum.  That didn’t happen however as x3o was able to pick up the first 3 rounds with ease.  CompLexity however, went on a streak and picked up the next 4, traded a few rounds and found themselves up 7-5 at halftime.  After switching sides we were under way as compLexity only needed 6 rounds to claim victory.  Team x3o would not allow that however as they were able to win the necessary 7 rounds to send it into overtime.  It has been awhile since we witnessed coL in an overtime match but they definitely did not disappoint its viewers as they won the Terrorist-side of overtime in dominating fashion by the score of 4-1.  After switching sides once again, compLexity picked up the first two rounds and finished the game in their favor, 18-13.  Great game to both of these teams.



In a match that was scheduled late today, coL will be taking on x3o on de_russka. coL comes into the match undefeated, something we are accustomed to in the CEVO season. x3o on the other hand comes in 2-2, alternating wins and losses throughout the early part of this season. Russka has been a strong map for coL in the past, however x3o has been a CGS franchise killer so far, taking down 2 of the 3 CGS teams that they have played.  The match is set to begin at 10:30PM EST. As always, we will be providing coverage for the match. More details can be found on the scoreboard below.


CEVO Professional

CompLexity 18 – 13 x3o
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coL vs x3o LIVE at 10:30 PM EST!