PG2: coL.GanZi – GSL Code S Ro32

BY Andrew Miesner / June 17, 2012


GanZi was able to defeat MC (2-0) in his first match, but fell (0-2) to SuperNoVa in the Winner’s Match. He was then matched up with MC again, but was unable to repeat the first result, losing (0-2).

With a 1-2 group score, GanZi will now drop to Code A’s Ro36.


Tonight, compLexity’s GanZi will take on players of all three races in his GSL Code S Ro32 group. This Group E features SK-Gaming’s Protoss President MC, former-oGs star Terran SuperNoVa, and MVP’s Zerg player Sniper.

The top two in the group will advance to Code S Ro16 while the third place finisher drops to Code A Ro36, and the fourth place finisher falls to Code A Ro48.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.GanZi 0 0 2
SK.MC 0 0 0
Maps: Ohana, Daybreak
Score 1 2 3 F
  coL.GanZi 0 0 0
  SuperNoVa 0 0 2
Maps: Atlantis Spaceship, Antiga Shipyard
Score 1 2 3 F
coL.GanZi 0 0 0
SK.MC 0 0 2
Maps: Cloud Kingdom, Antiga Shipyard


The matches are set to begin at 18:10 KST (11:10 AM CET / 2:10 AM PDT / 5:10 AM EDT) and will be streamed LIVE on GomTV!