PG2: coL.GanZi vs. SlayerS_Alicia – NASL

BY Andrew Miesner / September 21, 2012

Tonight compLexity’s star Terran player GanZi will be playing his first match of the NASL season. Taking on his former teammate SlayerS_Alicia, GanZi is going to have to bring his A game, especially considering Alicia’s recent successes (2nd place at the last three MLG events). That said, we at compLexity are very confident in GanZi’s play and expect to see some great games.

The match will start out on the map Whirlwind, a very big map that emphasizes macro play. On the other hand because the map is so big and promotes macro play, it allows players to “metagame” their opponents by pulling out an unexpected all-in. After Whirlwind, the losing player will get to choose the next map from the NASL map pool.

The broadcast is scheduled to start at 9:00PM EST and can be watched here. If the free standard definition stream isn’t high enough quality, you can upgrade to a HD pass for $19.99 here. Please tune in and cheer for GanZi as he tries to take down one of the strongest Protoss players around.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Ganzi 0 0 0
Alicia 0 0 2