PG2: coL.Heart in GSL Code A RO24

BY Andrew Miesner / October 15, 2012

Update: compLexity.SC2’s Kim “Heart” Min Hyuk was unable to overcome the strong play of Jung “Bbyong” Woo Yong, falling 1-2 to the CJ Entus Terran. Heart will have another chance to make it to Code S through the Up and Down matches.

Tonight there will be more action from compLexity’s star Terran player Heart. After his loss to both StarTale_Squirtle and Liquid_Hero in the Code S Round of 16, Heart is now placed in the round of 24 of Code A. Heart will have to play spot on as his opponent this week is ex-Brood War Terran player, Bbyong of CJ Entus.


To see Heart play, tune into tonight at 4:00 AM PDT / 6:00 AM CDT / 7:00 AM EDT. Also be sure to send him words of encouragement via Twitter @coL_Heart.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Heart 0 1 0 1
CJ Entus Bbyong 1 0 1 2