PG2: coL.Heart vs SlayerS_YugiOh – GSL Code A Ro32

BY Andrew Miesner / July 16, 2012


coL.Heart was able to take out SlayerS_YuGiOh in two straight games. Heart will take on MVPKeen in the round of 24 for a Code S spot in GSL 2012 Season 4!


Tonight compLexity’s Heart will face off against SlayerS’s Zerg player YugiOh in the GSL Code A Round of 32. Last time Heart played in the GSL he had little problem taking out the Protoss player Lure. YugiOh, on the other hand, started out the GSL season in Code S, however after falling in the group stages to MarineKing and Parting, he was seeded into the Round of 32 Code A. Heart will really have to bring his A game to defeat a strong Zerg player like YugiOh. That said, we have complete faith in Heart’s ability and fully expect to see some great games tonight.

The loser will still get a chance to achieve Code S status through the Up & Down matches, while the winner will move on to the round of 24 and get the privilege of taking on MVP’s Terran player Keen.


The match is set to begin at 14:00 KST (6:00am CST / 9:00pm PDT / 12:00am EDT) and will be streamed LIVE on GomTV!

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Heart 0 0 2
SlayerS_YugiOh 0 0 0
Maps: Daybreak, ESV_Cloud Kingdom