PG2: coL.HoN Wins DreamHoN Summer 2012!

BY Andrew Miesner / August 30, 2012

coL.HoN Wins DreamHoN Summer 2012!

coL.HoN secured their title and $20,000 in only 2 games in a potential double best of three Grand Finals. In the second game, coL.HoN jumped out to a 15-1 lead before Trademark eSports conceded. coL.HoN managed to make their way through the Winners Bracket, dropping only a single game in the process. Congratulations to both teams and we’re happy to say that coL.HoN is now 1 for 1 under the compLexity banner.

DreamHoN Online Summer Championships – Finals

compLexity.HoN has taken out the winners bracket final for the DreamHoN Summer Championships guaranteeing them a minimum $7,000 USD prize with the potential of $20,000 and an invite to DreamHack Winter (with travel stipend). They managed to win 2 – 1 against TradeMark eSports of whom was the first team to take a map away from the coL.HoN team in tournament play.

tdM managed to take the first game in the best of three series asking serious questions of the coL.HoN side. They played to their draft, dragged out the game for enough time until they were able to overpower the coL.HoN side. In the second and third maps these questions were answered with the compLexity team coming out firing, the second game had a slightly shaky start by coL.HoN, however they were able to hold form and push on to the third game. coL.HoN had the momentum behind them and were able to take the third game in just under 17 minutes.

Due to the double elimination nature of the tournament finals, coL.HoN will start a best of three series up, meaning that the winner of the loser’s bracket will be required to beat coL.HoN in two best of three series in a row. The grand final will be against TradeMark eSports after they managed to fight their way out of the losers bracket in a win over Team It’s Gosu. This will be a rematch of the Winners Bracket Final where coL.HoN managed to win 2-1 after losing the first game in what was a very close series.

Check out the updated brackets for the finals below:

Time: 15:00 EST / 21:00 CET
Format: Best of Three (Twice)