PG2: coL.Killer vs StarTale_Parting – GSL Code A Ro32

BY Andrew Miesner / July 17, 2012


coL.Killer was unable to take a map from StarTale_PartinG. PartinG prevailed in two straight games. Killer will now have to wait for the Up and Down Matches for GSL 2012 Season 4.


Tonight compLexity’s Killer will be taking on StarTale’s Parting in the round-of-32 of the GSL Code A. Last time we saw Killer play in the GSL he was taking out the Terran player FXO_Tree 2-0.

It seems that Killer has been on the upswing putting on an amazing performance in the Evil Geniuses Master Cup as well as in the GSL. Tonight we’ll see how his PvP game is as he takes on Parting, one of the most feared Protoss players around. That said, Parting did lose in the Code S round-of-32, albeit to TSL_Symbol and MarineKingPrime.

The match will be broadcast on A free standard quality stream is available for the second set of matches, however if you want HD or the first set of games you’ll have to buy a GSL Season Pass. If you’re not able to stay up and watch the matches, the Season Pass will also give you access to the VoDs. Please tune in tonight and root for Killer. You can send Killer words of encouragement via Twitter @coL_Killer.

The match is set to begin at 12:10 AM EST and will be streamed LIVE on GomTV!

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Killer 0 0 0
StarTale_Parting 0 0 2
Maps: Atlantis Spaceship, Metropolis, Antiga Shipyard (if necessary)